The Journey of a Two Digit Begins with Three Digits

Since our marriage, my wife has always advised me on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, needless to say, it fell on deaf ears, countless efforts of hers just failed to move the titan towards losing weight. August 2019, I went for my yearly medical check up and for the first time ever, I failed to reach level 3 of my stress test. Which was a stress of its own! (That's Warning #1). In September, I realised that I was having a whistling sound as I climbed stairs and mobility was limited when I tried putting on socks (Warning #2). Before I have to write about Warning #3, in my panic and fear thanks to Web MD where every symptom leads to cancer/stroke/heart failure, I visited my local doctor, who asked me the simplest question, "did you gain significant weight recently?" Well, here it is in the public portal, I was indeed heaviest that I have ever been at 152kg! She gave a simple solution, "lose your weight" and being a close family friend, it followed with a

Installing Your Dashcam While Keeping Your Warranty Intact

If you value your vehicle warranty and want to avoid getting into arguments with car manufacturers when hardwire solutions tap on your fusebox, you may opt to have your battery pack powered by your car's cigarette adapter. In my case, the car powers the Cellink Neo and that powers my dash cam allowing me to enjoy all the capabilities of my BlackVue dash cam. Check out my simple YouTube video below: CORRECTION: The hardwire cable shown at 1:30 and 2:18 is the hardwire cable for the Cellink Neo. I did not opt to get myself the BlackVue Hard-Wire Cable as I was clear on my intention thus not getting myself a Power Magic Pro was a part of the plan.

Kawasaki Versys Stock Shortage

It's coming close to 3 months that we placed our booking for Kawasaki Versys and still, up to now there is not a single indication of the arrival of the bikes. It's really reflecting badly on Kawasaki as a top notch manufacturer to be lacking in their production. Makes me question the competency of the production managers they have at Kawasaki! The latest reason we're hearing is that Kawasaki is having a tough time producing other models as they are rushing to fulfill the 250cc bikes that were ordered by Royal Malaysian Police! All in all, it is Kawasaki's lost as the competitors are fast taking the opportunity to get their products out in the market, giving second thoughts to people like me who are getting tired of waiting. So somebody up there in the office better be taking some actions or the consumers could turn to be the deciding factor to a dwindling confidence that is shedding faster than you could say 'Vroom Vroom'...

History Revisited!

I wrote this entry last weekend as a continuation from my recent post on  Saffron Hills - Our Dream Home in the Making...  where history repeats itself. Approximately, 35 years ago in Berapit in a small town of Bukit Mertajam, a young man by the name of Ismail Khan moved into his new home with his family. Right behind his house, taking a slightly hilly path, was another family of Mr Shah Din who forged a bond so strong that their children grew up as friends, ever so unique was the brotherly bond between Mr Khan's youngest son, with the grandchildren of Mr Shah Din, Shane and Iman. Beyond any blood relation, their childhood friendship went to times of growing adults, to being masters of their own home and destiny. They saw everything thru together, the turmoils, the ups and downs, the laughters, the cries, the joys and the sorrows, whilst standing by each other without ever a second thought. As I smile joyfully today, with so much gratitude to the Almighty for bestowing upon

Saffron Hills - Our Dream Home In The Making...

Entrance Path to Denai Alam Denai Alam , a secluded township 10KM from Shah Alam city has been one of our favourite places to reside in Klang Valley. Connected by the Guthrie Corridor Expressway and away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan Kuala Lumpur. Our discovery of Denai Alam for the first time was approximately 3 years ago, thanks to Shane bhai but at that time, we just couldn't afford to pay the price of the properties. The unique bit of Denai Alam lies in the developer behind the whole project, Sime Darby Property Berhad with accolades of high-end projects in Malaysia that are well thought-off and features unique architectures. Denai Alam is no different in presenting the hallmark of Sime Darby in terms of township development. A year ago, we were browsing for properties in Denai Alam and we even got a property agent to show us available units, among the various types of properties, Opulenia  made us wish we had the money to get our dream home, but as i

Afriza... the Non-Mainstream Mother

Rania Khan finding solace in Afriza's arms...  2 more days and my li'l Ms Rania Khan would turn to be two months old! We thank The Almighty for bestowing us with the presence of this angel who has made us realise that there are so many things that we could still learn in raising a child, the challenges are plenty but the rewards are countless. Contrary to many beliefs, we are the parents that decided from the earliest beginning, that our child is our universe and not anyone else's. Simply because we have seen so many people posting on their social media that their child could do this and do that, but do we have rainbows shooting out our rears? I guess not and we did not want to be the same kind of parents, thus our album of Rania is only shared with close family and friends that would actually be interested in seeing her. And our family gatherings does not have the conversation starters of what amazing feat that Rania did but rather a moment of discovery when they r

Google Apps Linkages to Blogger

Just a message to bloggers out there who faced a similar interruptions of Blog not being visible after hosting it in your domain, the only solution given by GoDaddy to me was forwarding your blogspot to your domain, here's a brief rundown for you- To setup domain name forwarding you must first log into your account: 1. Go to 2. Now you will need to login to your Google account utilizing a username and password you previously created specifically for Google Apps for your domain. If you do not know this information, click 'Can't access your account.' 3. Once logged in, click the 'Domain Settings' tab. 4. Click the Domain Names link. 5. Click on Advanced DNS Settings. 6. You will now see listed your Go Daddy Google Sign-In Name, Password, and PIN. 7. Click the link Sign-in to DNS Console and use the Sign-in Name and Password as your login credentials 8. You will now be able to manage your domain name. If you ar